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Woo! Update!

Follies is tonight and tomorrow night at 7:00 at my school. I expect you all to be there or we will nver speak again. Or just until we decide to hang out again...

Soccer started and so did the pain, but it's been feeling better. I missed it last night to go to my doctor's appointment, so I'm nervous that I'll die today.

Speaking of doctor, nothing is mroe awkward that your doctor asking you about the cervicalcancer shot in front of his intern/student that changes every month and you weirding out. Did anyone know it was a series of 3 shots?! Better safe than sorry I guess. But 3 shots? I guess I'll get 'em this summer...then start my promiscuous sex.

Go team, go team go.

Mono is goign around my school and I have luckily avoided it. Now we just hope everyone is healthy enough to play soccer so we can have a team. Hopefully Kelsey's white blood count goes up.

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday, closely followed by Guy Faux day. <---I spelled that wrong...but you get the picture.


Never. Ever. Ever. Go cold turkey on sleeping pillz you have been on for several years. I forgot mine over the weekend. One day=okay. Two days=sick and miserable. In turn, my pillz do indeed improve my moods and obsessive thinking. And it took me two days off to realize that. Seriously. And i <3 my Kinnear family. and babies. and Mr. Rodgers...we saw his sweater and puppets at the children's museum. And I tries on a $700 dress. And thought of Darfur.

I couldn't do school today due to yesterday with lack of pillz, but tomorrow shall be fine. Sho many stories from the weekend...

Marshall peeps, I shall come and see your play this weekend. It better be good. Or I shall have to destroy you *insert evol laff here*

I should prolly go nap...

Physical Fit

Soccer starts in three weeks and I just ate half a bag of gummi life savers. I am awesome. My out-of-shapeness kcks, homie! And I'm going to DIE when I have to run (I'm better at just, you know, waddling). It should be fun, though. Soccer always is.

I am no longer as sick as I was! Which is saying a lot.

I miss Jade.

I'm already missing the cold weather.

Happy Valentines Day

Nothing better than a snow day, I'm telling you! Especially when you're sick, because then you don't have to worry about missing school.

Banquet was fun (as were the some-what awkward games), but I mised going to Winterfest with you guys! Life continues.

In honor of the day I am wearing cute underwear. Caitlyn, Kendra, and I compared. It's a girl thing...

I cannot wait until I am an old person. We went to lunch witht he Battle Creek Kiwanas Club ad the old people were sweet, typical old people. I think I just need a few more years to have an excuse to be lik that. And my own song book...

I hope everyone has a great day! Really. Now to sleep.

Saturday People

Gin, her roommate, her roommates family, and I went skiing/snowboarding Saturday! It was awesome. Below zero temps are fun! The sensation that comes from having your eyelashes freeze together it actually pretty neat. I finally got back in the groove of everything and had an awesome time! I'm (barely) sore. There were whiteout conditions on the slopes, also on the lift, let alone the roads! I was just really, rilly fun! Stiffy snowboarded for the first time and has huge bruises to prove it! Gosh, it was just fun. Gin and I might go again Saturday before banquet!

Snow Day!!!1! I'm sho happy. and cold

And I finally go my dress, now for straps, purse, shoes, and jewelery. Being a girl is just so complicated! I'm in a good mood, can ya tell?

Well then...

Chaos has thus far not ensued, but homecoming week is next week...I have a few dresses that I eed Gin's help to decide amoung. I just hate how my dad is crazy and thinks that strapless is too reveiling (innapropriate). I'm adding straps due to a school rule, but he wants me to wear something over my shoulders...Gah! At least I didn't get the $365 dress, although it was amazing, but come on, that's just way too much!

How is everyone? I have no real update due to the fact that I have no life. Please tell me someone else does...


All is well here on the home field, life has continued moving.

I have realized that I may never find a banquet dress! I mean, I have scoured BC and K-Zoo and am attempting Ann Arbor Monday after my appointment. God willing, I will find one. I'm just picky as all get out. And gosh! I have to read my stupid testimony in front of the whole bloody school!!1! I don't see this ending well...
*pictures someone falling and ripping their dress off as wine spills everywhere and a dog runs out of the crowd and bites Mr. Krontz on the leg. Chaos ensues and off in the corner sillouettes are making out. Out of no where a man yells over the commotion "If only Miriam had worn a different dress!"*

Don't tell me you don't see this...me standing nekkid...or maybe it was Kendra...

Elaine: She told him she wouldn't go with him and said to give you a big hug. He was a complete arse today about you and kept talking about your lies. I didn't hit him, but I'm coming close to it...

Senior Pictures

I got my first rund of Senior Pictures today (all inside). Turns out I'm not a natural in front of the camera (well, duh!). And by not natral, I mean she had to pose me (physically) and stop right before taking a picture because my smile was so bad. It was quite the experience! And I'm glad it's over. Now give it a few months and we'll see how I did on film.

How was everyone's Christmas? Good? I hope so. Mine was fun. Let me know if you guys want to do anything. I mean anything. I need out of this house.

What Did We Learn Today?

Today I decided that if my bum looked like those of the models in the Vicky S catologe, I would never, ever wear pants.

Gosh, Senior pictures are coming up, so I got stuff to make me not look dead on film.

Pictionary rematch tomorrow. Leanna and I will dominate.

Ho Ho Ho

Everyone is home. Matt, Ethan, and Gin. Well, tonight Matt and E are at Ethan's new apartment and Gin is at a Barakel get-together. But in theory, they are all home. And I'm not tired, due to a long nap.

I'm ready for Christmas break. As in, the only reason I'm going to shool this week is an English test. It feels good to have free time!

Yesterday was fun with people from the zoo, and seeing peeps from the zoo outside of the group. Only one panic attack! Go me!

Oh! And I had 2 nose bleeds yesterday. It was odd.

How is everyone?


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